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Expanded Metal mesh Kolkata
March 16, 2023

What are the Uses of Expanded Metal Mesh?

Metal mesh is an expanded metal that is commonly used for building roofs and facades. This kind of metal is made up of small sheets that are welded together to create a mesh-like material. A single solid stretched and compressed material sheet is used to create expanded metal mesh. In expanded metal grating, one can get open space for drainage and air flow. It is useful for applications involving the washing of heavy custom parts.

When a top-rated expanded metal mesh manufacturer Kolkata creates metal mesh, a solid metal sheet is first cut into with the help of machinery. The finished product is then flattened, stretched, and shaped into a diamond.

Benefits of Expanded Metal Mesh

The main advantages of using expanded metal mesh are:

  • Drainage of rainwater and other liquids
  • Filtration
  • Ventilation
  • Assisting airflow
  • Filtering light
  • Controlling temperature

A solid panel of metal is first transformed into perforated metal by an expanded metal mesh manufacturer India by making holes. Expanded metal mesh happens to be stronger in form, though,because it is cut before it expands.

Wire metal mesh, similar to perforated and expanded metal, is a welded material that apparently has similar properties. However, it is made of several metal pieces that have been joined by welding. It appears like a grid as a result.

How does it function?

A coil/sheetof solid metal getsintroduced into a machine. It serves as the foundation for creating the decorative design that is desired. The pattern is created as pressured slits expand the metal by a fitted tool that is preprogrammed in this expanding machine. These slits provide more room for the metal to expand while resulting in a repeatable pattern.

What are the Designs that Can Be Tried with Expanded Metal Mesh?

It offers limitless design space for open ceiling systems to architects and clients. To create various shadows and angles, different expanded metal models can be used. There are varied models to be found that suit a range of requirements. A variety of designs and concepts can be used for an architectural expanded metal project. These include:


You can raise or lower this pattern. It seems like a collection of upward-facing arrowhead patterns. The design of a wall / partition may gain a touch of prestige and elegance as a result.


It can be used to let in the least possible amount of light. It is preferred for some public spaces because it provides a slanted entry of light at specific times of the day, a greater sense of privacy.


This straightforward, minimalist design, which is popular in both clothing and furniture, can add softness of comfortable and approachable variety to a setting.

Expanded Metal mesh has many different uses, including building roofs and facades. This type of metal is made up of small sheets that are welded together to create a mesh-like material. There are some benefits to using metal mesh for building purposes. It can be cheap and easy to install, and can provide a sturdy exterior structure.

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