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Vibrating Screen Mesh Manufacturer India


Expanded Metal Mesh is a form of sheet metal. It is manufactured by slitting and stretching to form a regular mesh-like pattern, which is often diamond-shaped. Expanded metal mesh is frequently used for fences and grates. It is all employed by the construction industry to support the plaster or stucco. As the best supplier of expanded metal mesh Kolkata, we provide a unique range of custom expanded metal meshes manufactured as per our clients’ preferences and requirements.


Expanded Mesh or Expanded Metal Mesh is manufactured with a diverse range of specifications. Several different metals are used in its manufacturing to suit a wide range of applications-both as filter elements and filter support. The mesh is slit or perforated from metal sheets. Then the mesh is stretched to form a jointless single-piece grill. This grill does not consist of any interweaves or joints. Since industrial requirements vary, as the leading manufacturer of Expanded Metal Mesh Kolkata, we design products that perfectly fit the requirements of our clients.


Expanded metal mesh has some amazing features that make it very efficient for use in several industrial applications. It is stronger than thin wire mesh, and it also provides better airflow and drainage when compared to normal sheet metal. Additionally, the expanded mesh has more tensile strength and is an excellent option for industrial applications that require custom-worn baskets. If you wish to customize expanded wire mesh as per your preferences, then Eastern Weldmesh Pvt. Ltd, the best Expanded Metal Mesh Supplier India, is your ideal choice. 


Expanded Metal Mesh is available in various shapes, but the most common is the diamond-shaped aperture. The leading Expanded Metal Mesh manufacturer India,  Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd manufactures Expanded Metal Mesh from the following metal sheets:


  • Mild steel (M.S.)
  • Stainless Steel (S.S.)
  • Galvanized Iron (G.I.)
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Titanium

Expanded Stainless Steel (S.S.) Mesh is also known for its lightweight, resistance to corrosion, and high durability. Most importantly, Expanded Aluminium Mesh is a cost-effective variant. Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd, as an experienced Expanded Metal Mesh Manufacturer, India, provides the most economical Expanded Metal Mesh price.


Equipped with our German-made precision machine, we manufacture and supply expanded meshes with precise dimensions, extensively used in Industries.

Industrial Applications

Some common uses of Expanded Mesh are:

  • Filtration purposes in strainers along with Perforated Sheets (link)
  • Gratings
  • Walkways in railways (Mild Steel Expanded Metal)
  • Sorting in Food Grain industry
  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmaceutical Industry (Aluminium Expanded Mesh)
  • Chemical industries (Stainless Steel Expanded Mesh)
  • Barricades or guards (Galvanized Expanded Mesh)
  • Facades of buildings (Aluminium Expanded Mesh)
  • Facia processing (Aluminium Expanded Mesh)

Expanded Metal Mesh is used in gratings for walkways and in railways. There is a huge requirement for Expanded mesh in railways.  Expanded metal meshes are also used in building exterior or facades. 

Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Expanded Metal Mesh, Kolkata, India, with a unique division for wire netting. Having earned the name as the best and unique Expanded Metal Mesh Manufacturer India, we have been serving customers from all over the country. At present, we have 1,00,000 + customers who rely on our ultimate quality vibrating screen mesh for their unique features, unparalleled quality, and rock-solid durability- which separates us from the rest!

Currently, we operate with 1,000 sub-dealers all over West Bengal, and we are working towards attaining a count of 10,000 sub-dealers. We want to establish our name as the best Expanded Metal Mesh Supplier in India with a wide welded wire mesh product distribution network. If you are searching for a trusted and certified Expanded Metal Mesh Supplier, India offering the most reasonable Expanded metal mesh price, then choose us!

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