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Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Kolkata
August 13, 2022

Using of Quality Architectural Wire Mesh in Bridge Design

An architect spends a lot of time selecting design materials for making a construction. This is a daunting task because with time, an individual gets saturated with varied options.However, when it is about design materials that can add value, architectural wire mesh is the best choice. It is multi-functional and versatile, meaning that you can use it for accommodating several aspects of a project, externally and internally.

Architectural Wire Mesh – What is it?

Architectural wire mesh is a decorative panel having separate stainless steel wires that are interlaced to form mesmerizing patterns. Every panel can be tailored-made to meet requirements like percentage of open area, panel length, weave pattern, width and wire diameter. Considering these customization options, architectural mesh can be of varied forms like wire mesh, spiral mesh, cable mesh and welded mesh. All these varieties of architectural mesh are available with reputed wire mesh manufacturer in India.

Application of Architectural Wire Mesh in Bridge Design

The biggest consideration while incorporating architectural mesh to bridge designis that structure for attaching necessary substructure is limited. Therefore, one must ensure that there is sufficient substructure to have proper tension of the mesh.These substructures are more than the typical angles,measuring 6″ x6″ x1/2″, found on building facades. Therefore, one has to focus more on the large posts which can withstand structural mesh tension without bowing or sagging.

Thus, architects have to use four-sided frames that are connected to every post. Architectural mesh will be like panels placed inside the frames.

Advantages of Using Architectural Wire Mesh in Bridge Design

  • One of the greatest benefits of using architectural wire mesh is its beauty. This wire mesh reflects sunlight and hence, creates a dazzling effect. This again, generates an awe-inspiring environment, especially when they are placed over some water body.
  • Since these wire meshes are made of architectural grade stainless steel, they are extremely durable.Architectural wire mesh does not corrode or rust like the other materials like chain-link fencing. Hence, they are perfect for using in bridge design.
  • The most valuable advantage of architectural wire mesh in bridge design is its ability to act as fall protective barrier. It acts as guard rail system that lessens the percentage of open space and prevents falls, intentional or accidental.

Such an effective and durable wire mesh has relatively the same cost because manufacturing and fabrication of architectural wire mesh are the same, no matter what their application is. There is a number of reputed Wire Mesh Manufacturers in Kolkata providing high qualities architectural wire meshes.

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