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Wire Mesh Manufacturer Kolkata
March 23, 2023

Expanded Metal, Sheet Metal or Wire Mesh – Which Material Should You Choose?

Choosing the right material for your needs is one of the first crucial steps in any industrial project. When it comes to creating a cage / screen in which flow of air must be ensured, wire mesh should always be used instead of sheet metal. However, it might be the best option when building a car or an airplane. Knowing what each of the three metal types excels at will help you decide between sheet metal, expanded metal, and wire mesh.

Benefits of Expanded Metal

When greater structural stability is needed as compared to wire mesh but some air flow or water drainage is still required, expanded metal is a fantastic option to take into account. Thus, it is a suitable option for walkways, grates, and fences. Expanded metal is a good compromise between the other two options because of its average durability, medium weightand variety of uses. Its potential for having sharp edges that need coating, polishing or sanding for injury prevention, is one drawback however.

Benefits of Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is the best option if you are looking for durability or toughness. It doesnot permit airflow or drainage, but this might be preferable in some cases. Its weight is also greater than that of Expanded Metal and Wire Mesh, given that it is tougher. In automobile or airplanes, sheet metal is most frequently used due to a crucial need for structural stability.

Benefits of Wire Mesh

As a construction material, it is versatile. Wire mesh from a well-known wire mesh manufacturer Kolkata is used in all things, whether window mesh, machine guards, lockersor storage cages, because it is both lightweight and strong enough for many heavy-duty applications.

The main advantage of this material is that it permits easy air and water flow, making it ideal if you do not want to stop drainage, obstruct airflow, or interfere with a line of sight. It also resists corrosion.You can avoid the wear and hassle of routine maintenance because wire mesh is very durable.Painting or maintaining it takes neither much time nor lots of effort.

Wire mesh sheets come in a variety of sizes and varieties. You can either have a custom-built wire mesh that is more aesthetic or functional, depending on the needs and application of your project.People frequently choose wire mesh for a variety of reasons, including safety and environmental protection. It does not cause serious injuries, unlike iron and steel fences, and are safe for both humans and animals. Grid frames, Aisle fences, Poultry cages, rodent nets, porch fences, mechanical protective covers, drainage troughs etc.are a few applications for stainless steel wire mesh. It can be installed quickly and in a simple manner.

While paling before Sheet Metal and Expanded metal in terms of resilience, it is resilient enough for a variety of industrial applications. It is important to order your supplies from a reputed wire mesh manufacturer India, if you wish to make sure of the quality of your construction.

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