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Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturer Kolkata
April 10, 2023

What You Should Know About Woven Wire Mesh And Welded Wire Mesh

Construction, plastic extrusion, pharmaceutical drug manufacturing, and building roadways all require wire mesh.

It is the engineers’ or lab technicians’ responsibilities to choose the right wire mesh option, as there are numerous options in the industry. In spite of the fact that both types of wire mesh can be used, which one should you choose to find the supreme one? To end your confusion, we will explain the differences between these two wire meshes, the material of the mesh, the applications of these meshes, and the price differences in this blog post.

Welded Wire Mesh: What Is It?

In welded wire mesh, steel wires are welded together in a cross-section pattern. TIG and spot welding techniques are generally used to weld the wire mesh. Since the wire mesh is welded, the opening portion of the wire remains permanent.

Welded wire mesh has the following applications:

The thicker wires remain undamaged throughout the welding process, making welding wire mesh the best material for fencing and building animal cages. They are also used in reinforced concrete.

These two wire mesh options are compared in price:

The cost of these wire meshes can vary depending on their manufacturing process. The woven wire mesh is created through a more automated process than the welded type, but the latter still requires manual labor in order to provide the necessary material for the assembly. As a result, there are higher labor costs associated with producing welded wire mesh manufacturer in Kolkata and this contributes to making it more expensive than its counterpart.

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