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Vibrating Screen Mesh Manufacturer India


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is based in Kolkata. We are the leading Welded Wire Mesh Supplier, India. Welded wire mesh is also known as Weldmesh. It is an electric fusion welded pre-fabricated combined grid. Weldmesh consists of a series of parallel longitudinal wires with accurate spacing that are welded to cross wires at specific lengths so that a specific mesh spacing is achieved.


We manufacture Welded Wire Meshes strictly adhering to the ASTM A185 or A497 or other standards by using any one of the following materials:


  • Mild Steel (M.S.)
  • Galvanized Iron (G.I.), both high coating hot-dipped, and cold dipped
  • Stainless Steel (S.S.)

We specialize in the manufacture of S. S. Welded Wire Meshes.  As a prominent Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturer Kolkata, we have immense experience manufacturing wore meshes of any grade as per the customer’s requirements. We provide wire meshes belonging to several grade variants like– Stainless Steel 202, Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, or any other grade variant. Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh is resistant to rust, is durable enough to last a lifetime, and is highly recommended for use in locations that call for anti-rust Welded Wire Mesh. We provide the most economical Welded Wire Mesh price, India.

A variant of Welded Wire Mesh is known as Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) or Reinforcement Mesh Fabric. The mesh spacing of this variant come in the following three specifications:


  • 100 mm x 100 mm or 4-inch x 4 inch
  • 152 mm x 152 mm or 6 inch x 6 inch
  • 200 mm x 200 mm or 8-inch x 8 inch

This product is used for structural applications like Railway tunnels, Construction sites, etc. WWF manufactured with the first two specifications is employed for concrete slab reinforcement in the civil construction business.

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Details of Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) for concrete slab reinforcement can be found here.

Applications of Weldmesh

  • Defence/Security – Used for fencing. The latest advancement here is the use of Anti-Climb Fence or Welded Mesh Panels meant for sensitive areas with high security.


  • Agriculture – Used for fencing. The latest advancement in this application is Biofloc Iron Mesh. It’s used in the processing of Biofloc tanks in Biofloc Aquaculture. This latest product of ours is gaining immense recognition across India.


  • Poultry – Used for fencing and cages.


  • Tea Gardens – Mild Steel Welded Wire Mesh is used for troughs in Tea gardens to dry tea leaves. The commonly used Welded Wire Mesh in Tea Gardens is of the following specification:

Mesh spacing: 3-inch x 1 inch and wire thickness: 6 Gauge/10 gauge/8 gauge.


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is a leading welded wire mesh manufacturer India, with an excellent team of experts, proving reliable solutions for Tea Gardens in India. We possess immense expertise to provide quality welded wore meshes according to any required customization.


  • Construction – Mesh for doors and windows.


  • Landscaping – Tree guards and flower bed fences.



Eastern Weldmesh Pvt. Ltd. is a leading welded wire mesh manufacturer, Kolkata, India, with a unique division for wire netting. Having earned the name as the best and unique welded wire mesh manufacturer, Kolkata, India, we have been serving customers from all over the country. At present, we have 1,00,000 + customers who rely on our ultimate quality vibrating screen mesh for their unique features, unparalleled quality, and rock-solid durability- which separates us from the rest!


Currently, we operate with 1,000 sub-dealers all over West Bengal, and we are working towards attaining a count of 10,000 sub-dealers. We want to establish our name as the best-Welded Wire Mesh Supplier, India, with a wide welded wire mesh product distribution network. If you are searching for a trusted and certified welded wire mesh supplier, India, then choose us!

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