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Welded Wire Mesh
May 12, 2021

What Makes Anti-Climb Fencing Good For Security Purposes?

A welded wire mesh fencing, Anti-climb fencing has a rectangular and clean pattern. It has panels designed to prevent the entry of intruders by scaling or climbing the fence. There are many varieties of this kind of fence available to prevent cutting too. It is possible to get this kind of fencing in varied gauges and heights, to match the security preferences and needs of buyers. These are often used to ensure high-level security. Find out what makes anti-climb fence right for security purposes.

Very Tough To Climb

You can be assured of optimal personnel safety and site security due to the fact that it is very difficult to climb such kind of fence. The size of aperture makes it almost impossible to get foot or hand holds.

Cannot Be Cut Easily

It can resist normal cutting tools very well, due to the fact that there are minimal gaps that can be penetrated through, and allowed by the size of the aperture. It is highly effectual in eliminating almost every breach on the security front.

Looks Great

This is a visually attractive fencing, and there is enough aperture size which lets one view what is going on inside or outside clearly, while ensuring full public safety.

Ideal For Camera And Visual Security Surveillance

In all kinds of public spaces and commercial facilities, public safety happens to be a very vital point to consider. Traumatic accidents and suicides have a very bad impact on people, such as witnesses and staffs. Improper safety measures can also invite legal hassles and penalties for safety and health infringement. All these issues can be avoided with the installation of anti-climb fencing.

Great Value For Money

Protective anti-climb fencing and wire mesh products can also help save you money, given that these can be set up at low costs. When a post and rail system is used, the time and expenses involved with installation can be reduced.


This kind of fencing is able to last for a long time to come, and serve your needs for many years without the need for any maintenance. Many of these come with high-quality Zalcote anti-corrosion coating, which makes these last for up to 4 times that of regular anti-climb fencing products.

With this kind of fencing, you can ensure the safety of yourself as well as that of your staffs, and your visitors and customers will have much to thank you for.

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