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May 24, 2021

How to Upgrade Home Security System to Prevent Intruders

Few years back, crimes like burglary, robbery or break-in were huge in number in residential premises. So, in such a scenario, even if you are living in a relatively safe neighborhood or city, you must have adequate measures for securing your family and home from such crimes. Thus, you should upgrade home security system. Home security does not only mean installing a CCTV camera at the entrance. There are a number of loopholes which intruders can bypass and exploit. Every house owner should identify the loopholes and take right measures to fix them.


  • Understand security needs

Buying security equipment without any planning is a bad idea.Thus, the first thing is to check the security situation at home, understand various aspects and then take informed decision. So, one should take time to find out his security needs and work accordingly for improving home security.

  • Installing high-tech CCTV camera

CCTV is an essential part of security ecosystem at home and hence, installing any camera will not do the task. You should install high quality camera to ensure maximum security. The CCTV camera should have good features such as wide angle, night vision, remote access, constant recording, high resolution and similar other features. If the existing camera does not have these features, you should replace it.

  • Installing good quality fence

Fencing is must if you are living separately in a house or bungalow. The fence should be strong and of supreme quality to prevent any kind of intrusion. If your existing fence is not in good condition, install one with better quality. There are reputed Wire Mesh Manufacturer Kolkata who can provide high quality fences.

  • Remove “criminal magnets”

There are certain things in a property that influences crime attacks. For instance, absence of proper lighting in the street outside a property or lot of open space in a house.So, you have to identify the places in your property that can attract criminals and then, clear such places.

  • Think from criminal perspective

You yourself have to find out the flaws in your home security measures. Find out how an intruder can break into your house. Check whether there is any loophole which can they exploit. Think like an intruder and get insight into what is mission in security arrangement of your home. You can then improve the flaws and ensure a strong security ecosystem at home.

These are some safety measures for your family and home that guarantees maximum security.

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