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September 22, 2021

How a Metal Mesh Screen Can Prevent Fire at Your Home

According to research results, in the US, every year almost 250,000 chimney fire accidents happen and damage the entire house. The report also presents data on human deaths due to the spread of the chimney fire. It is pathetic to hear and read and may God help those who have experienced such dangerous accidents.  There is no confusion that no one wants to face the fire at their chimney which can burn the entire house.

Protecting the home from such accidents is an important issue and should be cared for by all homeowners. There are a few things that will help in preventing chimney fire, using a metal mesh screen is one of the ways. It lowers the risk of fire; hence, you can install it into your chimney to save your family and house. Metal mesh screen blocks the sparks that come from the flue. On a breezy day, such fire sparks can easily upswing from your chimney and burn your roof or may catch any nearby dry vegetation field. To avoid such a dangerous accident, install a metal mesh screen in your chimney now.

Though there are a few more options to control the fire, however, a metal mesh screen is the best suitable option to prevent fire at your chimney. An 8*8 mesh with .028 mesh is the best one to offer visibility, controlling the heat and spark protection.

Before adjusting the mesh on the chimney, the mesh screen should be mounted and farmed for better results. Most of the wire mesh company offers different sizes mesh screen options. People are free to select their preferable sizes. The manufactures offer different alloys as well. From Plain Steel to Stainless Steel to Brass, Aluminum, copper, you can buy any according to your choice. The price may vary according to the alloy options.

At Eastern Weldmesh, you will have every type of mesh product at the best price and finest quality. Whether you are looking for woven wire mesh or welded mesh, you will find everything here. All the products are made with top-quality raw materials to offer the highest strength and durability.

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