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Perforated Sheet Manufacturers Kolkata
September 4, 2021

An Insight into the Manufacturing Process of Different Wire Mesh Products

There are different types of metal sheets available–Wire Mesh, Perforated Metal and Expanded Metal. But, do you know the manufacturing process of all these varieties. Let’s take a quick glimpse at how these metal sheets are manufactured.

  • Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh is available in copper, brass, stainless steel and steel. It is looks like a cloth of wire threads intertwined at right angles. Wires running lengthwise are called warp wires and those running in a perpendicular direction are called weft wires. This woven wire mesh is available in varied weave styles like plain weave where each wire goes under and over every other wire. There is also twilled weave in which wires cross two under and two over. Dutch weaves are also available in woven wire mesh. Wire cloth can have diverse wire diameters and opening sizes.

  • Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is a screen of metal wires that can be made from copper, brass, stainless steel and steel. As the name suggests, in welded wire meshes the wires are welded together at every intersection. This provides consistent opening size, flexibility and strength. In places which need corrosion resistance and rust proof, stainless steel welded meshes are used. They have a clean and bright appearance and hence, are used in various visual applications. Opening size might range from 1/4” to 6” and varied wire diameters and gauges are available in every welded wire mesh type.

  • Perforated Metal

Sheet steel fed into a machine that makes round holes or designs that customer’s needs, is a sheet of perforated metal. The holes can be staggered or in straight rows for increasing openings. Usually, these sheets have a boundary at their perimeter where no holes are punched. This enhances stability of the perforated metal sheet. More the number of holes or larger the size of holes leads to greater scarp volume thereby increasing the cost. Moreover, recycling of metal waste obtained from the holes increases production cost.

  • Expanded Metal

In a metal sheet in which multiple slits are made and the stretched forms expanded metal sheet. Stretching a metal creates distinct opening which are diamond patterned and one of the strands projects at a slight angle. If required, these strands can be flattened. In manufacturing expanded metal sheets,no waste is created like perforated sheets and hence, the production cost remains low. It also adds to the structural strength of a product.

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