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January 24, 2023

Various Types of Wire Mesh Connections in Wire Mesh Fencing

Stainless steel wire mesh has versatile nature and various applications in diverse fields. In all mesh installation, whether for commercial or domestic purpose, joining process is a common procedure. You will get mesh rolls from welded wire mesh manufacturersin Kolkata and also across India. These mesh rolls are then installed as per the needs of their clients. Often, thewiremeshfencesneed to be connected together manually forming an unbroken barrier.

Different Joining Process in Creating Wire Mesh Fences

  • C- Clips

This is an easy way of joining the links of stainless steel wire mesh together. This joining process usesdifferent wire clips of same material in C shape. They are inserted through mesh openings on both sides and then the clip is pressed together with the help of pliers.

  • Spot Welding

This welding technique is used for joining together stainless steel wire mesh having small opening. Welded wire mesh manufacturers in Kolkata and all over India require roll-on electrode and generic spot welder for this process.

  • Gas Welding

Gas welding is of two types – tungsten inert gas and metal inert gas. This welding is used to impart more security and strength to the wire mesh.

  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)

This is called TIG technique. It includes a lot of skill because this process involves automated metal filler rod insertion in soldering area. The process also needs non-consumable tungsten rod.

  • Metal Inert Gas (MIG)

This technique needs a mixture of Carbon di oxide and Argon together with metal to ensure high quality welding joints.

  • Silver Soldering

This is an effective but a less popular method to join steel meshes, especially of meshes having opening of very small diameter.

  • Tying with Wires

This is a very common method of joining two parts of a steel wire mesh fence. In tying two wires, high quality 316 or 304 grade steel is used.

So, these are the various ways of connecting wire mesh fences.

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