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January 9, 2023

Various Types Of Fencing Using Welded Wire Mesh Panels


A versatile product with uses in a variety of industries is stainless steel wire mesh. The connecting procedure is one of the standard processes that every mesh installation, whether domestic or commercial, must go through. Rolls of mesh are created by the manufacturers, which are then installed in accordance with customer requirements. These fences frequently need to be manually connected in order to form a strong, continuous barrier. Understanding the various joining techniques used in the process is therefore helpful.

Clips, “C”-

One of the simplest methods for connecting stainless steel links is this procedure. The procedure makes use of separate “C”-shaped wire clips made of the same material.

Area Welding-

Spot welding is another method that can be used to connect stainless steel wire mesh that has small aperture diameters. This requires a roll-on electrode and a standard spot welder.

Igniting Gas-

Gas welding methods like the two that are mentioned here can be employed for greater strength and security.

  1. Metal Inert Gas (MIG)-

It  is an arc welding method that produces high-quality welding connections by combining metal with a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide (for shielding).

  1. Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) –

While TIG technique is similar to MIG, it requires more skill due to the automatic insertion of a non-consumable tungsten rod and a metal filler rod in the soldering area.

Tie-up with Wires-

High-grade 304 or 316-grade steel is used for the most popular way of linking two wires of steel wire mesh fencing together.

Silver Soldering-

This is a different, less common, but still useful way to join steel meshes, especially when the openings are very small in diameter.

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