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Top Issues That Hinder Installation of Architectural Wire Mesh

Architectural wire mesh, when installed properly, can make a structure stand out from the other creating a landmark. Stainless steel construction of this wire mesh offers a glossy look and are durable and customizable. Unfortunately, architectural wire mesh industry is not safe from the hindrances common in other industries. Thus, it is essential that wire mesh manufacturers in Kolkata as well as other places, take necessary precautions so that they can deliver meshes on time. Want to know about the common issues? Well, there are certain common problems that extend the time of architectural wire mesh integration.

Usually, architectural wire mesh system has 14 to 16 weeks of lead time, meaning that, if everything works according to the plan, then a mesh arrives on-site around 16 weeks after a mesh supplier and manufacturer receives the final drawing. Now, there are certain factors that extend this lead time.


  • Drawings

Before fabrication of architectural mesh system, both wire mesh supplier and customer create drawings of their own. The drawings highlight every detail of the system and enables mush supplier to purchase the right raw materials. If the drawings from the customer are not submitted on time, project can be prolonged because project supplier does not get details from the customer and hence, cannot buy raw materials.

  • Structural Calculation

Structural calculations determine the things needed in substructure. Mesh supplier should finalize these calculations on time otherwise there will be delay in incorporating the necessary substructure. This, in turn, will delay the submission of construction drawings, which again will prolong the generation of production drawings of the mesh supplier.

  • Freight Issues

After fabrication of architectural wire mesh, it is shipped to port. Once it leaves the mesh supplier, then he has no control over the transportation process and loading and unloading of the cargoes.

  • Availability of Materials

No matter which Wire Mesh Manufacturer in India is manufacturing architectural mesh, availability of raw materials fluctuates constantly. Depending on the production of stainless steel, lead time can substantially extend. Previously it was 16 weeks lead time, but now projects can linger upto 32 weeks.

  • Substructural Installation

The greatest hindrance in the smooth functioning of a project is the absence of mounting holes which are supposed to be pre-drilled before placing the wire mesh on a building. Prior slotting of the holes allows any kind of unexpected variances while installing the mesh panels. If the holes are not pre-drilled, contractor find the structure hard to reach.

So, these are some factors that result in lingering of the installation of architectural wire mesh.

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