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Vibrating Screen Wire Mesh
June 26, 2023

Things about Vibrating Screen Wire Mesh That You Should Know

All types of wire mesh, whether it is welded mesh or vibrating screen mesh are versatile. Different industries are using these products for distinct purposes. Vibrating screen wire mesh is flexible in usage too. The manufacturing process and raw material are the premium yardstick for its quality. Needless to say, a reliable seller offers the best quality mesh products at the best rate. If you are planning to buy a vibrating screen wire mesh, then you should know the essential yet common facts about the product. Let’s continue reading to know more about the product—

Sizes of the product:

Typically, the product comes 12 feet long and 5 feet wide, however, you can customize the size as per your requirement. The mentioned size is easy to maintain, repair, or replaced if any damage happens to the product. The size saves your money in the long run as it is more manageable.

Different uses of the product:

The best quality vibrating screen wire mesh is versatile in use. Industries like stone, mining, chemical, and more are using the mesh for sizing stones, sand, gravel, and ores.

Types of weaves for vibrating screens?

Three types of wire mesh choices you have, Square, Ton-Cap, and Ty-Rod.

Square Mesh:

Square mesh is the most common mesh type that maximum reliable seller offers. The square mesh looks as it sounds. It is a common over-under design that you can expect in any weaving. A few variations you can see in this weave, like two over and one under, etc.

Ton-Cap Mesh:

When the requirement is more durability and strength, Ton-Cap mesh is used. It is more durable and poses the highest strength in comparison with other mesh products. The material which is used in the manufacturing process is heavier than the square mesh. More unique weaves are used in the manufacturing process. When production load is more, this mesh is the best to use. Ton-Cap mesh is designed to offer the highest strength. The wires in the Ton-Cap weaves are heavier than the square mesh. This is the main reason behind the strength of the product.


Also known as the non-blinding screen, was first introduced to deal with common mesh issues, like, blinding. Ty-Rod is best known for offering huge open areas more than square and Ton-Cap mesh.

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