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July 10, 2023

How are Wire Mesh Products used in the Automotive Industry?

In the automotive sector, one of the major industries of the world, a wide range of meshes are used. This industry is very useful in improving the efficiency of our everyday activities, whether in the form of freight trucks delivering goods or cars driven for everyday commutes. All the components have to be protected, in order to make sure that the different vehicles being used are safe and reliable. Wire mesh products are used widely all through the automotive industry, given that it offers flexibility and durability. Find out how woven wire mesh is exactly used in the automotive industry.

Design Mesh

Woven wire mesh is becoming more and more popular as a design element, given that it ensures a perfect combination of durability and elegance that is not observed in wood, plastic or other materials. The process of weaving is accurate, which explains why there is a uniformity of structure in woven wire design mesh – and customers love this.

There are various weave types that can be selected from. The overall ambience of a vehicle can be complemented by wire mesh manufacturer Kolkata. Wire mesh can also be combined with ease with PET monofilament fibers available in RAL color of any type, in order to ensure accents that can be amazing to see – to say the least.

Piezoelectric Sieve Electrodes

Woven wire mesh, due to stainless steel, works as a long-lasting conducting medium. When woven wire mesh is used in a proper way, it transfers electrical voltage all through the piezo ceramic stack. This aids in fuel conservation. It also allows the use of internal piezo actuators – which have 4 times more of the strength of the external solenoid valve injectors which were used at one time. Due to this reason, more precise amount of fuel is possible for post-injection, main injection and pre-injection.

Direct Injection Filters

Woven wire mesh happens to be an open product, which is the reason why it offers maximum amount of filtration across the whole mesh surface. It lets mesh prevent the entry of debris into the engine upon integration into the direct injection system, and proves to be quite efficient in doing this. Often, wire mesh happens to be integrated in the form of hybrid fitted filters – which consist of a very fine filter cloth – stopping the entry of various particles – as small in size as 15 microns.

Low-Pressure Exhaust Gas Recirculation Filter

Woven wire mesh is used in diesel vehicles for filtering out of particles as small as 200 microns at high flow rates from exhaust gas. When a high flow rate is maintained, it can reduce the quantity of nitrogen oxide that is released – thereby safeguarding the environment. This kind of wire mesh serves as the perfect medium for filtering for these kinds of applications, given that low-pressure exhaust systems frequently generate as much heat as 850℃. It has been found that stainless steel can be the best in dealing with such variations in temperature, as compared to various other types of materials.

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