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Expanded Metal mesh manufacturer India
November 17, 2023

Expanded Metal for Your Business What It Is and Why Expanded Metal Should Be A Part Of Your Facility

Expanded metal is made by converting heavy steel sheets and coils into an expanded mesh. The entire process of making expanded metal is done by an expanding system and this expanding unit has a knife that determines the shape or pattern of the mesh. The expanded machine stretches and slices the metal. The expanding machine plays the most significant role in making the pattern of the mesh. When the pattern-making process is done, the product is wrapped in coils and divided into sheets.

Different types of expanded metal mesh and their applications:

According to the manufacturing process, expanded metal mesh is different in type. Five types of metal mesh are available in the market- standard, flattened, hexagonal, architectural, and micro expanded metal mesh. These mesh products are used in different sectors for distinct purposes.

  • Standard expanded mesh is available in gauges and it is best to use in creating a stiff, lifted, slip-resistant base.
  • For a flawless and smooth base, flattened expanded metal is required. To create this variation, the metal mesh is flattened through cold rolling.
  • Hexagonal metal mesh is unlike regular metal mesh. It has hexagonal openings. This opening makes it stronger and used in different industries. This metal mesh is commonly used in recreational facilities, security fencing, machine protection, etc.
  • Architectural metal is a combination of attracting appearance and optimum strength. To enjoy better strength, privacy, ventilation, this metal mesh is used. It is best in service and looks as well.
  • Micro expanded metal has small holes, regular, flattened, square, and hexagonal openings. When it comes to the application of this metal mesh, it is versatile. Micro expanded mesh has the highest conductivity, sound absorption quality. Different industries like- medical, mining, filtration, automotive, and petroleum industries are using this product.

Advantages of expanded metal mesh:

  • You can use a limited amount of metal and expand that into a large material, hence, the expanded mesh material is affordable.
  • While processing the expanded metal, less wastage is received.
  • Expanded metal has supreme conductivity for energy, magnetic flux, and heat.
  • To experience additional strength, this material can be mixed with glass, concrete, and other material.
  • As expanded metals are made by stretching a limited amount of metal, it is lightweight.

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