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Perforated Sheet Manufacturers Kolkata
February 16, 2023

Before You Buy Perforated Sheet Metal, What Do You Need To Know

When a metal sheet is punched manually or mechanically to create a pattern on the sheet, it is called a perforated sheet. It is used for various purposes in many industries, and the most common perforation shape is a hole. A hole can be round, square, oblong, or hexagonal in shape.

Perforations are created by stretching the material, which is affected by the hole size, pattern, and thickness of the material. It is difficult to set tolerances for the amount of stretch during the flattening process of the material. A distortion may occur near the end margins during this process. As per the latest technology, perforated plates are leveled with a roller.

Edge bows can be noticed on the Perforated Sheets as they have various side margins that differ from the sheet’s center. The extent of this deviation is determined by its length, width, type of material and open area. If there are wide margins or uneven width each side, wavy edges may be seen. There is a risk of incomplete or omitted holes due to several factors; yet, staggering the punches can prevent such occurrences. Despite taking precautionary measures, some minor defects cannot be overruled.

Materials & uses of perforated sheets:

  • Perforated mild steel sheets can be used for ventilation grids, drying grids, and infill panels.
  • Among the uses of carbon steel perforated sheets are sunshades, column covers, air filters, silencer tubes, sun protection slats, and facades.
  • A variety of products can be made from aluminium perforated sheets, such as sign boards, filtering plates, cement slurry screens, etc.
  • Perforated alloy steel sheets can be used to produce fencing screens and drying machine baskets
  • Strong and durable nickel alloy steel perforated sheets.

With our stainless steel perforated sheets, we manufacture machine baskets, battery separator plates, decorative sheets, mine cages, and gas purifiers. We also offer stainless steel 304 perforated sheets.

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