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Perforated Sheets are also popularly called Stamped Metal Sheets or Perforated Metal Sheets. These sheets are manufactured by mechanically stamping or puncturing plain metal sheets to create a pattern of holes, slots, or decorative shapes. Hence, they are named Stamped Metal Sheets. Various patterns are made on these sheets. Following are the most common ones:


  • Round-hole perforated sheets
  • Square hole perforated sheets
  • Triangular hole perforated sheets
  • Slotted hole perforated sheets or Long hole perforated sheets
  • Staggered-hole perforated sheets
  • Customized designs and patterns according to client preferences


Perforated sheets are manufactured from metal sheets belonging to various types and various thicknesses. Listed below are a few important metal sheets that are commonly used for the manufacturing of perforated sheets:

    • Mild Steel (M.S.) Perforated Sheets are commonly manufactured in 3 ft. width and 8 ft. length (3’ x 8’) or 4 ft. width and 8 ft. length (4’ x 8’) pieces. These dimensions are the classic industry standards. However, as the best Perforated Sheets Manufacturers, Kolkata, Eastern WeldmeshPvtLtd manufactures customized perforated sheets in dimensions as per customer requirements. M.S. Perforated Sheets are utilized in a variety of sectors, including Rice Mills, where Long Hole and Round Hole M.S. Perforated Sheets are particularly popular.


    • Stainless Steel (S.S.) Perforated Sheets are available in a width of 1 meter or 4 feet and all grades like SS 202, 304, 316, 310, and others. They are available in coils and sheets up to 8 feet long. S.S. perforated sheets are anti-corrosive and hence are rust-free. These sheets are popularly used in Food, Grain, and Kitchen Utensil Manufacturing industries. As leading Perforated Steel Sheet Suppliers, India, we manufacture S.S. perforated sheets in all variants and grades.


    • Galvanized Iron (G.I.) Perforated Sheets have similar properties to M.S. Perforated Sheets. However, these sheets are more durable and are also more cost-effective. At Eastern WeldmeshPvtLtdwe manufacture these Sheets at standard sizes of 3 ft. x 8 ft., 4ft. x 8ft. and 1 meter. x 8 ft. At the same time, as the best Perforated Sheet Suppliers, India, we manufacture G.I. perforated sheets in coil form and with customized dimensions specified by our customers.


    • Perforated Aluminium Sheets are comparatively lightweight and therefore are employed for insulation and decorative purposes- especially in the Health Care Industry. Like the Stainless Steel variant, these Aluminium Sheets can be manufactured in several distinct dimensions and under various specifications. As prominent Perforated Sheet Manufacturers, Kolkata, we provide Perforated Aluminium Sheets as per the requirements and interests of our clients.


    • Brass Perforated Sheets and Copper Perforated Sheets are often used for decorative purposes. These types of sheets are all employed in Food Industries because of their chemical composition. As reputed Perforated Sheet Manufacturers, India, we provide a wide array of Brass Perforated Sheets and Copper Perforated Sheets as per our customers’ expectations.

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Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd has 50 years of experience in supplying a wide variety of Perforated Sheets for several industries. As esteemed Perforated Steel Sheet Suppliers, India, we have manufactured and supplied standard and customized Perforated Steel Sheets of Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Galvanized Iron, Aluminium, and Brass. Our expertise, service to our clients is witness to the quality of Perforated Sheets that we manufacture. That is what has placed us as top Perforated Sheet Manufacturers, Kolkata, India.

Industrial Applications

Several industries employ perforated Sheets that we manufacture. Some of them are:


  • Rice Mills
  • Filter Industry
  • Paper Mills
  • Sugar Mills
  • Food Processing
  • Agriculture & Engineering
  • Utensils Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Cable Trays
  • Furniture
  • Railways and Airports
  • Crusher Plants (using rotary crusher)


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd are leading Perforated Sheet Manufacturers, Kolkata, India, with a unique division for wire netting. Having earned the name as the best and unique Perforated Sheet Suppliers, India, we have been serving customers from all over the country. At present, we have 1,00,000 + customers who rely on our ultimate quality vibrating screen mesh for their unique features, unparalleled quality, and rock-solid durability- which separates us from the rest!


Currently, we operate with 1,000 sub-dealers all over West Bengal, and we are working towards attaining a count of 10,000 sub-dealers. We want to establish our name as the best Perforated Sheet Manufacturers in India with a wide network of welded wire mesh product distribution. If you are searching for trusted and certified Perforated Steel Sheet Suppliers, India, then choose us!


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