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A Versatile Product With Uses In Various Industries Is Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Fences are frequently used in agriculture to keep animals from entering or leaving certain areas. The fences’ materials will vary depending on the terrain, region, and animals to be contained. The majority of agricultural fencing is between 4 and 6 feet tall. In some places, the height and design of fences to prevent animals are required by law.


High temperature, rust, acid, and alkali are all resistant to the high-quality hot-dip galvanised steel wire mesh manufacturer in Kolkata. The wire coil mesh is durable, wear-resistant, and has a long service life. It also has a uniform thickness. High finish, no need for surface treatment, and low maintenance.

The connecting procedure is one of the standard processes that every mesh installation, domestic or commercial, must undergo. Rolls of mesh are created by the producers, which are subsequently installed by customer requirements. Frequently, it becomes necessary to manually join these fences together to create a solid, uninterrupted barrier. Understanding the various connecting techniques utilised in the process is therefore helpful.

“C” clips

This process is one of the simplest ways to join stainless steel links. Separate “C”-shaped wire connectors made from the same material are used during the procedure. These are inserted using pliers thru the mesh holes on either side, and the clip is fastened.

Spot welding

Additionally, steel wire nets with narrow aperture widths can be assembled via spot welding. For this, a regular spot welder and a roll-on electrode are required.

Gas welding

Below are two gas welding techniques for increased safety and power.

The Metal Inert Gas (MIG) method of arc welding uses a combination of metal and argon, and carbon dioxide to create high-quality welding connections (for shielding).

Identical to MIG, the toxic tungsten gas (TIG) technique calls for additional expertise because of the automated metal filler rod and non-consumable tungsten rod that is put in the soldering area.

Connect with Wires

The most widely used method of connecting two steel metal mesh netting strands is high-grade 304 or 316-grade iron.

Silver soldering

This is an alternative, less usual, but nevertheless practical method of connecting steel meshes, particularly when the apertures have a tiny diameter.

Reason of selecting wire mesh fencing

Solid steel and hardened steel is used for the mesh fencing material. It is frequently used as a border fence for contemporary or commercial reasons. This kind of fencing provides protection, security, and hardness in addition to a more pleasing appearance. Financially wise and more appealing than the standard options. There are many sizes of wire mesh fencing available with appropriate gaps. The size (thickness) of a wire can also fluctuate, ranging from extremely small 6mm cover gaps to 50mm gaps. Work on security-related fences will have wider gaps.

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