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What Is Meant By Razor Barbed Wire?


Razor barbed wire is also referred to as Barbed Razor Wire Fencing. This type of wire is made from a Razor Punched Barbed Tape of 0.50 mm thickness. Then, it is reinforced with H.T.S.S Core Wire. Every Razor Ribbon Barbed Tape consists of 100 linear meters in length.


Razor coil barbed wire is very economical, and Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd provides the best price for Razor Barbed wire. Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd manufactures razor barbed wire in hot-dipped galvanized sheets. It is an economical option compared to Razor Ribbon Barbed Tape manufactured by stainless steel.


Razor Barbed wire consists of a beautiful and bright blade that comes in different types. Razor barbed wire also provides significant resistance against corrosion. Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is a premium and eminent manufacturer and supplier of Razor Barbed wire in India, and we are located in Kolkata. 


What is the advantage of Razor Barbed Wire? The most important one is that it can be upgraded with Single Strand barbed Razor Wire. Usually, this type of Fencing is a cheap deterrent and is installed in a straight line. But, when additional security is required, and multiple lines have to be installed, the Razor Barbed Wire Can do the job.


Eastern Weldmesh provides Razor Barbed wire in different types. We supply straight line razor wire, single coils crossed razor coils. Also, the best and the most superior quality Razor Barbed wires are provided by us. If you think of owning the best quality fencing for your facility, then Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is the best choice.



Where is Razor Barbed wore primarily used? The following industries are where this type of wire is employed:


  • For structures that need to ensure Civilian Security


  • For VIP Areas and buildings


  • Perimeter & Border Fencing


  • Prison Security


  • Military Applications


  • Oil Terminals


  • Power Plants


  • Airports


What are the weight specifications of razor barbed wire? The Standard Weight of Razor Wire is 80 grams per Linear Meter. Each Bundle of Razor Barbed ranges up to 100 meters in Linear Length and weighs approximately 8.00 Kgs. However, since industrial requirements vary, the weight of the Razor Barbed Wire can be customized according to the client’s requirements. 


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd has been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Razor Barbed Wire in India, located in Kolkata. We provide a wide array of collections of Razor Barbed Wires. Each of our products comes in different and unique Barb Options like Small Barb, Medium Barb, Super Barb, Ultra Barb, Harpoon, Fish Hook, and Tear Blade. All these types of Razor Barbed wire are used for different purposes.

Razor Barbed Wire is manufactured with the help of the following two essential components:

  • Core Wire – It is made out of High Tensile Spring Steel, High Carbon Wire complying to IS 4454/ Part -1 /Grade, SM is duly Hot-dipped galvanized with a diameter ranging from 2.50 mm, UTS 1670 N/mm2 with a heavy zinc coating consisting of a minimum of 230 GSM.
  • Razor Punched Tape – This is a Galvanized steel strip that complies with the I.S 513 / D.D Grade/ 2004 specification.


  • Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire or RBT wire
  • Reinforced Punched Barbed Tape or RPB wire
  • Medium Reinforced Barbed Tape Wire or MRBT wire
  • Super Reinforced Punched Barbed Tape Wire or SRPBT wire
  • Barbed Tape Obstacles (BTO-10 , BTO -12 , BTO-22 , BTO-30 )

CBT -60 & CBT -65  Razor Barbed Wires

Get in touch with the most trusted and reliable Razor Barbed Wire Manufacturer and Supplier in India, located in Kolkata- Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd

Eastern Weldmesh always strives to be the best and the most reliable Razor Barbed Wire Manufacturer in the country. Hence, we always provide the absolute best when it comes to fencing solutions. Our razor barbed wire is customized from continuous Punched Blade Edged Barbs of IS grade. It is incorporated on both the sides of cold and low carbon Galvanized Steel Tape that is rolled and has also been mechanically clenched to High Tensile Galvanized Spring Steel Wire (H.T.S.S).


Eastern Weldmesh manufactures 100-meter rolls for installations where the barbed razor wire fence will be installed in this method of multiple lines. For high-level security requirements, the Razor Barbed Wire is a perfect choice!

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