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May 11, 2022

Protective Measures Companies Must Take for Perimeter Security

What does physical security mean? Physical security means those measures which restrict accessibility to sensitive areas. In fact, perimeter security is the most inexpensive form of physical security. Now, to create a greater secured environment, perimeter security is paired with other kinds of physical protections, like guards and detection system and electronic monitoring.

Primary focus of perimeter security is to control access to a site. This might include controlling the vehicles entering the site or some buildings in that area. Thus, ultimate goal of this security is preventing unauthorized access to any restricted area and providing barriers for keeping out intruders.

Some Common Steps Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturer in Kolkata Take for Perimeter Security

  • Structural Conditions

Design of a site or building plays a significant role in deciding how easily it can be intruded. Does the site or building have one prime entrance which gives easy accessibility to intruders? Does the site have lots of open space or there is scope for intruders to hide? Does the site or building have other ways that make it easy to get past security guards?For proper security measure, welded wire manufacturer in Kolkata should try to make accessibility to their site difficult by imposing structural barriers.

  • Fencing

Fences are physical barriers that mark the boundaries of a site. Fences can be of varied types and can be build in diverse ways. There are certain things to take into account when planning to have a fence –

  • Height
  • Materials to be used for fencing
  • Type of fencing
  • Whether there is need for boundary marker

Height of a fence should be low enough so that you can clearly see over it and, at the same time, high enough to ensure that people cannot jump across it.

  • Anti-Climb Guards

Anti-climb guards prevent intruders from climbing a fence or wall. This security measure includes razor wire and barbed wire. Both razor and barbed wires are made of sharp ends that stick to a person trying to climb the fence or wall. These anti-climb measures should be used with properly built fence or wall. Now, a fence or wall acts as physical barrier that prevents access to a site or building and anti-climb measures prohibits access to the fence or wall itself. Using both the devices welded wire mesh manufacturer in Kolkata can have secondary protection layer.

Thus, these are some steps which will enable companies to have effective security plan for safeguarding their perimeter. Of course, there are lots of other things that can strengthen perimeter security. With high security risk, wire weld manufacturer in Kolkata should level up their security arrangements.

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