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Phosphor Bronze Wire Meshes are comparatively stronger and can withstand exposure to chemicals making it the ideal Wire Mesh for many industries. Phosphor Bronze is a non-ferrous alloy of Tin, Copper and Phosphorous, which make the wire mesh malleable and solderable. Thus, making it easier to manufacture fine structure Meshes out this alloy.

Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh is notable for its toughness, strength, low coefficient of friction, excellent formability, solderability and fine grain. It is primarily used as Woven Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth Filters, EMI/RFI Shielding and electrical products. Being a non-ferrous alloy, it is non-magnetic in nature too. It is often used in situations where resistance to fatigue, wear and chemical corrosion are required. Its qualities of fair electrical conductivity, combined with a low thermal conductivity allows Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh to make electrical connection to devices at ultra low temperatures without adding an excessive heat load.

We, Eastern Weldmesh Pvt. Ltd., are one of the few leading manufacturers of Phosphorus Bronze Wire Mesh in India. And we are exporters too.

Industrial Applications

Few applications of Phosphor Bronze Wire Meshes are in the following industries:

  • Artificial jewellery
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Paper Mills

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