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August 15, 2021

Is Welded Wire Mesh Stronger than Woven Wire Mesh?

If you are looking for the best material to protect your property, garden, or home, then undoubtedly, wire mesh is the right and most common option. And you can enjoy plenty of benefits of the product if you choose the right kind of wire mesh. Welded wire mesh and woven wire mesh are the two options that are easily available in the market, now it is your turn to identify, which one will be the best for your requirement. Here in this blog post, a few key points are shared to end all your queries regarding the best wire mesh. Let’s check the following points quickly—

Both woven and welded wire mesh is great for construction. However, these two types have some different benefits and drawbacks too. All these advantages and disadvantages will depend on the requirements or applications significantly.

A few key points, which make welded wire mesh best to use in industry and as fencing are—

  • Welded wire mesh keeps the shape better and it fits into different mechanical parts with measurements.
  • It can tolerate heavy loads without tearing or damaging the mesh’s condition.
  • As it has greater strength, you can use it in fencing.
  • You can clean it regularly and galvanize it for preventing rusting.

The manufacturing process makes the welded wire mesh better than other mesh types, however, the diameter, size, and aperture of the wire play a great role in offering a secure fence. Like-

  • If you choose a wire, which has less diameter (thinner wire) is easier to cut.
  • Aperture size is important too. When the wire’s aperture is large, it is easier to pass tools between the wires and easy to climb. A narrower aperture is more secure as it is tough to climb.
  • A higher fence is difficult to climb and breach.

When it comes to choosing the right fencing wire mesh, then welded mesh has more appealing benefits. Woven wire mesh is easy to cut, however, welded wire mesh needs more time to cut or break. And it is clear that in security terms, welded wire mesh will be the right option as it takes more time to cut than woven wire mesh.

Looking for the quality wire mesh?

Eastern Weldmesh is a renowned wire mesh supplier and manufacturer in India. Whether you are looking for welded wire mesh or woven mesh, here you can have it all at a reasonable price.

How welded mesh is made?

In making welded wire mesh, numerous wires are threaded in a weld mesh machine. Then, different spools of wires are passed through a straightener and pre-cut matching desired width of mesh. When the weld mesh machine operates, wires are fed through this machine.Then, the pre-cut wires are placed in a mechanism. It lays the pre-cut wires across the wire fed from spools. Once they are laid properly, the machine welds them uniformly at every cross-section.

Applications of Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wires mesh is durable and rigid. Their strength makes them suitable for reinforced concrete, protective animal caging and perimeter fencing.

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