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Harp Mesh is generally used to grade hygroscopic particles or grains that tend to accumulate around mesh openings/spacings. The wires are literally woven, forming a wave pattern with transverse wire clusters holding the wires together to provide excellent mesh spacing for clog free screening/sieving.

We, at Eastern Weldmesh Private Limited manufacture and fabricate Harp Mesh from the following materials:

  • Galvanized wire or black wire made from low carbon steel
  • Stainless Steel wire made from 304 or 316 grade Stainless Steel
  • Manganese Steel wire

Harp Mesh is ideal for applications where pegging and blinding of apertures are an issue. The variant of Harp Mesh made from Stainless Steel wires are rust/corrosion free and improves the screening efficiency.

Our Harp Mesh product, which has gained considerable popularity in the market, has the following characteristic features:

  • Abrasion free surface
  • Clog free construction
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Wide aperture with uniform mesh spacing
  • Excellent screening efficiency
  • Corrosion and wear-and-tear protected surface
  • Long lasting quality and weather proof durability
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Simple installation method
  • Low maintenance cost

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