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What are Concertina wires? Concertina wires are sometimes also called Concertina coils. They are made by mixing barbed and razor wire. These wires are commonly available in 600 mm diameters. They are also available in other variations like 450mm diameters, 600 mm, 1050 mm or any other specific length as suggested by the client. Though commonly used in a 6-meter length form, these wires can be customized as per the client’s requirement. 


Concertina coils are also known as PTCC or Punched Tape Concertina coils. These wires are mainly used for fencing. Why? Because these wires can be enlarged to form a coil-like structure and they are primarily used for security and protection purposes in the military to form a coiled trap for the enemies.


The manufacturing of Concertina wires should be handled by skilled professionals because of the sector that they are mostly employed for. What does the manufacturing process consist of? Concertina wire is manufactured either as a single coil or in the form of crossed spiral coils. 


Manufacturing Of Concertina Wires


Often, Concertina wires or coils are made with stainless steel sheets and galvanized high tensile claps. These two materials ensure a striking crossing outlook. Hence, the Concertina wire can be used for several processes like extending and creating the required security fencing with appropriate anti-climb and anti-cutting properties. In simple words, the basic purpose of a Concertina wire is to provide significant protection, and when trespassers try to cross the property, they will get trapped in the wires.


Galvanized or Stainless Steel are the standard materials that used for the preparation and manufacture of Concertina type barbed wire. The following are some specifications of Concertina Wire components:


  • Central Core Wire- This is Made from High Tensile Spring Steel 


  • High Carbon Wire- This confirms to IS 4454/ Part -1 /Grade –SM duly Hot-dipped and galvanized with a diameter ranging from 2.50 mm, UTS 1670 N/mm2. It also comes with a heavy zinc coating with a minimum of 230 gms per sqm. 


  • Razor Punched Tape – Galvanized steel strip as per the I.S 513 / D.D Grade/ 2004 specification.


  • Concertina Clips: Special Heavy Duty “J” Clips are employed for making Concertina Coils which are made from Steel Fe 410. We also manufacture J clips made of SS-304 Grade and Aluminium Grade.


Types of Concertina Wires:


  • Concertina Razor Wires
  • Galvanized Iron Concertina Wires
  • Concertina Wire Fencings
  • Punched Tape Concertina Wires


Another common type of concertina wire is called Razor Barbed Wire, also popularly known as RBT. They are very similar to concertina coils. A major difference between the two of them is that they come in straight lines rather than in round diameter form in Concertina coils. RBT Concertina world is normally available 100 meters in length.

Concertina Wires By Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd


Concertina wires from Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd are made from Hot dipped galvanized material. These words are specifically manufactured and designed for Fencing and Construction purposes because these wires have immense strength and durability- hence catering to the requirement in both sectors.


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd manufactures Concertina wires over different specifications like Concertina wires as a razor type barbed wire or in straight lines. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. Hence, we offer all types of Concertina wires, and also provide expert customization services to cater to the specific requirements of our clients.


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is equipped with the most modern manufacturing unit with all modern technologies to aid the accurate production of Concertina wires. Our manufacturing facility has all the latest and most advanced tools and machines to manufacture these Concertina wires according to the specific expectations of our clients. 


We employ the best quality and reliable raw material sourced from reputed sellers of the industry for the manufacturing of concertina wires. We have an excellent team of professionals on board who have extensive knowledge and expertise in this domain and who aid us in the manufacturing process, ensuring that we comply with the industry norms. Additionally, Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd also provides customization services at the most reasonable and economical rates. Customization will be done to meet diverse specifications and also the variegated demands of several industries. Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd has a reputation for manufacturing and supplying products that have high durability, functionality, resistance against abrasion and rust and economical pricing.


We have in place an experienced quality controller who examines that our clientele receives only the best and superior quality products. Our professionalism, enthusiasm, and our commitment to providing nothing less than the best have garnered many loyal customers from all across the nation. 


Our concertina coils are produced with a galvanized finish. They consist of a high tensile central steel wire and also a galvanized steel strip that is punched into barbs. Depending upon the industrial requirement, we also provide stainless steel concertina coils that contain both central wire and stainless steel strips. The clips that are meant to hold the concertina razor wire are also made from high-quality galvanized steel. This ensures the high durability, strength, and high functionality of our concertina coils.

Features Of Our Concertina Wires

We manufacture coated Concertina coils that have anti-rust properties. They are made from high-quality TATA wires and high coated GI Wires, which enable them to give added protection. 

We also manufacture Stainless Steel Concertina coils and RBT.


  • Our concertina wires consist of razor coils that have an excellent finish and are designed to ensure the prevention of intrusion inside the concerned premises.


  • Our Concertina wires that are fabricated consist of high tensile wire supported by razor-sharp barbs that are present at regular intervals.


  • Barbs are designed for the wires to ensure superior gripping action.


  • Wire strips are given a galvanized finish to aid the prevention of corrosion.


  • Ensures superior deterrence values.


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