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Vibrating Screen Mesh Manufacturer India


Brass is a copper and zinc-based metal alloy. What makes brass a desirable material is that it is soft and malleable. Also, the presence of Zinc adds to the features of Brass Woven Wire Mesh. Why?  The presence of Zinc in Brass Woven Wire Mesh is essential as it provides added abrasion resistance and also provides the wire mesh with higher tensile strength.


Compared to its counterpart, Copper Woven Wire Mesh which is soft, Brass Wire Mesh also hardens the mesh. Hence, Brass Wire Mesh is commonly used by several industries across the country for filtration and separation processes. Also, it is effectively used to fabricate discs, especially during instances when electrical conductivity is not critical. Eastern WeldmeshPvt Ltd is the most reputed Brass Wire Mesh supplier, India and we have the experience to cater to all industrial requirements. 


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd, based in Kolkata, produces high-quality Woven Brass Wire Mesh, and we are one of India’s few makers of this product. Apart from manufacturing Industry-Standard Brass and Copper Wire Meshes of the finest quality, we also manufacture them according to the requirements and specifications of our clients. Be it for filtration or other industrial purposes, and Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is the ideal destination for Brass Wire Mesh, Kolkata.

Often, LPG gas warehouses employ Brass Wire Mesh for filtration purposes. These are used in ventilators. Normally, the brass wire mesh length and width used in ventilators are approximately 3 ft / 1-meter x 1 ft, respectively. The Brass Wire Cloth used in ventilators is commonly used in double layers to function with better efficiency.


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is the best Brass Wire Mesh manufacturer in India and we manufacture and supply superior quality Brass Wire Meshes for LPG warehouses in India.


We have an excellent team of experts on board who will customize Brass Wire Meshto suitt the specified industrial requirements perfectly. This expert customization that we provide has earned us the name of the best Brass Wire Mesh Supplier, India.

Industrial Applications

Following are some important areas where Brass Wire Mesh is commonly used:


  • Architectural applications
  • Interior Design
  • Shopfitting
  • Partitions
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Chemical processing
  • Air vents
  • Oil strainers


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of Brass Wire Mesh, Kolkata, India with a unique division for wire netting. Having earned the name as the best and unique Brass Wire Mesh Manufacturers, India, we have been serving customers from all over the country. At present, we have 1,00,000 + customers who rely on our ultimate quality vibrating screen mesh for their unique features, unparalleled quality, and rock-solid durability- which separates us from the rest!


Currently, we operate with 1,000 sub-dealers all over West Bengal, and we are working towards attaining a count of 10,000 sub-dealers. We want to establish our name as the best Brass Wire Mesh Manufacturers in India with a wide welded wire mesh product distribution network. If you are searching for a trusted and certified Brass Wire Mesh Supplier, India offering the most reasonable price, then choose us!


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