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Barbed wire is the most widely used commodity for fencing and safety purposes. Their applications range from residential buildings to industrial areas and also military zones. Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is the leading supplier and manufacturer of Barbed Wire in Indi, and we are based in Kolkata.


A barbed wire consists of a double twisted wire that is arranged at regular intervals along the wire strand. Why are these wires the most popular? Because they are economical and are also very easy to use.


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd manufactures the best quality Barbed Wire in compliance with the IS: 278 standards. Our wires have the sharpest barb and also the quality of steel wire. Hence you need not worry about the efficacy of the wire that you get at Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd.


Barbed wires require fence polls, pillars, fencing wire, and other fixing equipment like staples. Barbed wires are very simple to construct, can be used by an unskilled person too, and require very little effort to install or erect.  Hence, these wires are the most reliable and also the most economical option for security and fencing.


Why Use Barbed Wire?


In many places, wooded fences are more expensive, and the availability may also be an issue. Also, they may not provide the most efficient means of protection for places that require it the most. Hence, barbed wires are the best option as they are easily available, offer the most effective means of protection, can be used in several distinct locations, and are also available at the most affordable rates. Compared to other alternatives, barbed wires are the most efficient.


Barbed Wire Characteristic

Barbed wire comes in several types and forms, and measurements. The following are some features of Barbed wires:


  • High tensile: 90g (class 1), 180g (class 2), 240g (class 3).
  • Tensile strength: 1000 – 1100 n/mm2.
  • It also has the reverse twist feature
  • Barbed wire tape consists of 4 points barb of 6 inches.
  • Wire diameter is 1.291 mm.
  • 4% of the carbon content of steel is used
  • Roll size ranges to 330 m per roll.


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd provides Barbed Wire according to the specifications of the customer. The length, measurements can be customized according to the customer’s preferences.

Materials Used For The Manufacture Of Barbed Wire


Barbed wire can be manufactured with several materials as per the customer’s requirements. Also, you will have a lot of color options to choose from. The following are the materials that are used to manufacture the wire:


  1. Hot dipped galvanized barbed wire


This is the most commonly used material that ensures better gloss and longer durability to the wire.


  1. Electro-galvanized barbed wire


This wire has less zinc, it’s a cheaper option and can rust within a year.


  1. PVC coated barbed wire


Barbed wires that are coated with PVC have enhanced strength and also have anti-rust properties. This coating also enables the Barbed Wire to have a more suitable color as per the different environments.


In general, the barb spacing ranges from 1.96″ to 5.90″. Other measurements of the wire, like the length and the diameter of the line wire and the barbed wire, can be customized according to the client’s specifications.

Barbed wires also come in different types of twists.
  1. Single Strand Barbed Wire


  1. Double Strand Reverse Twist Barbed Wire


  1. Double Strand Traditional Twist Barbed Wire


Eastern Weldmesh Pvt Ltd is a trusted brand for Barbed wire. We are the top manufacturers of Galvanized Barbed wire confirming to the IS 278 standards. We are located in Kolkata and have a myriad range of clients from all across the country. 


Barbed wires are used for efficient fencing solutions, border security, and various anti-climbing devices. We provide the best solutions and the most economical prices for Barbed wires, whatever the application may be. Get in touch with us today.

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