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Anti-Climb Fencing or Defence Welded Mesh Panels are also known as Prison Mesh. It is a high security anti-climbing and anti-cutting Welded Wire Fence. Galvanized wire, commonly, is welded into fencing panels with extremely fine openings, which cannot be penetrated by hand fingers or cut by bolt cutters. Therefore, it is recommended for high security areas.

The salient features of 358 Welded Wire Mesh Panels are:

  • Provides high level security without compromising on visibility factor
  • Cannot be cut, and cannot be climbed – thus the name Anti-Climb
  • High durability and strength as compared to Concertina coils and Chain Link fencing
  • Looks pleasing aesthetically

We, at Eastern Weldmesh Pvt. Ltd., manufacture 358 Welded Wire Mesh Panels as per the specifications given below.

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General Specifications
Conform to Indian Standard
Weldmesh as per IS: 4948 latest
Weld Mesh Panel part of Perimeter Security Fence produced by electrical resistance welded galvanized wire and subsequently powder coated
Panel Size
2667 mm x 955 mm
Panel Weight
23.90 kg to 24.05 kg
Constructional Specifications
Heavy Coated Galvanized Mild Steel wire as per IS 280 latest, Zinc Coating as per IS:4826 latest
Type of Mesh
Square Mesh Size (centre to centre distance both ways) ± 5 %
12.7 mm x 76.2 mm
Nominal Diameter of Longitudinal / Transverse Mesh Wire
4± 0.0 5mm
Oblong Mesh Size Pitch of Wire Longitudinal (± 5 %)
76.2 mm
Oblong Mesh Size Pitch of Wire Transverse (± 5 %)
12.7 mm
Weldmesh Fabric Bundling
In Sheets
Width of Fabric
955 mm
Length of Fabric
2667 mm
Assembling of Wire
Assembled by automatic machines or by other suitable mechanical means which will assure accurate spacing and alignment of all members of the finished fabric within specified tolerances
Powder Coating after welding
The Panels are after welding subsequently Polyester Powder coated
Colour of Powder Coating
RAL 6005
Longitudinal and Transverse wires shall be securely connected at every intersection by a process of welding
Performance Specifications
Tensile Strength of MS Wire (N/mm²)
The thickness of Polyester Powder Coating Layer after welding
60 to 80 microns
Fabrication and Finish
Fabricated and finished in a workmanlike manner and shall be free from injurious defects
Salt spray test duration for power Coating
1000 hours
Weld shear strength of 4 welds taken at random between the longitudinal and transverse wire
minimum 50% of breaking strength of the wire used
Packing and Marking as per specification

Apart from the above specifications, we are also capable of manufacturing Anti-Climb Mesh as per custom specifications required by customers.

Industrial Applications

The applications of Galvanized Meshes are as follows:

  • Prison
  • Military sites
  • Detention centres
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Airports
  • Shipping ports
  • Warehouses
  • Power plants
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